10 Thrilling Facts About Camel Riding in a Dubai Desert Safari Adventure

Camel Riding in the Desert

Are you looking for an exciting adventure in Dubai? Look no further than a camel ride through the desert and a Dubai Desert Safari! Not only is this an unforgettable experience, but it also offers a unique perspective on the city’s culture and history. Here are ten fun facts about camel riding and Dubai Desert Safari to pique your interest:

  1. Camels are the traditional mode of transportation in the desert, and they have been used for thousands of years.
  2. Camels can travel up to 40 km/h, making them one of the fastest animals in the desert.
  3. Camel beauty pageantry is a popular competition in the Middle East, and camels are judged based on their physical appearance, including the size and shape of their humps, overall body structure, and more.

  4. The Prince of Dubai is a well-known camel enthusiast and owns over 1,000 camels! He also hosts one of the biggest annual camel beauty pageants in the region.

  5. A camel’s hump is not filled with water, as many people believe. Instead, it is filled with fat, which helps the camel survive in the desert by providing energy when food is scarce.
  6. Camels have thick eyelashes and nostrils that can close to protect them from the blowing sand.
  7. Camels have a unique walking style that allows them to walk across the desert sands without sinking in. They move both legs on one side of their body at the same time, which helps to distribute their weight evenly and prevent them from sinking.
  8. Camels can survive for long periods without water by relying on the fat stored in their humps. This fat can be broken down into water and energy, allowing the camel to go without water for up to several weeks at a time.
  9. Camels can drink up to 40 gallons of water in just 10 minutes, which helps them to survive in the harsh desert environment where water is scarce.
  10. The Dubai Desert Safari experience includes a thrilling dune bashing ride in a 4×4 vehicle, a traditional Arabic dinner, and entertainment such as belly dancing and fire shows. You may even get to meet some of the stunning camels who participate in beauty pageantry competitions!

Camel riding and Dubai Desert Safari are thrilling experiences that offer a unique perspective on Dubai’s culture and history. Whether you’re looking to ride a camel like a prince or experience the excitement of dune bashing, Dubai Fun Tour has the perfect package for you. Book your adventure today and experience the beauty of the desert like never before!

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